Animals are my Heart


Finding a good pet sitter is one of the most important things to provide for your pet when you are away. Your pet or pets are like your children and you want to be sure they are taken care of when you are not there. This is where I come in, my name is Christina Merritt, and I am the Pet Nanny. 

Overnight Stay

Starting at 


Prices vary dependingon number of animals and duration of stay. 

Drop ins 

Starting at 


Prices vary on numberof animals, location,  and context of drop in. 

Drop ins 

While your away at work or out running errands this would be perfect for your pet. You can choose from a short drop in or a long drop in. A short drop in consists of about 30mins. to take your pet on a walk or simply check on them. A long drop in consists of about 3 hours of playtime with your pet. Please check out my Facebook page

Overnight stay 

When your away on vacation or just out of town for the night, this is perfect for your pet. This includes feeding, walking, medications, and of course extra cuddles and kisses. Your fur baby will be spoiled and completely taken care of. I spend the night at your house taking the stress away from you and your fur baby. Plus I will send you updates of your fur baby and pictures too. Please check out my Facebook page